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About Us - Mission

ATLAS Modern Ballet is a professional creation-based dance company focused on bringing new performance art to local audiences in Tampa Bay and beyond.


The company seeks to share the art of movement through bodily mappings of experiences through spaces in a contemporary movement language that pulls at the seams of ballet. ATLAS uses balletic movement vocabulary to expand tradition into modern concepts with choreography that incorporates pointe work and contemporary dance methods.


 With a focus on innovation and igniting conversations, creative works investigate the shifting of human experiences as they evolve through familiar or new patterns. We aim to excite and engage diverse communities by bringing them together through shared experiences of art.


ATLAS is comprised of professional dance artists who collaborate in the creation process to share their unique qualities as performers in a vulnerable and visceral way.

We aspire to cultivate growth in the dance field by offering classes, workshops, and performances to dancers of all ages in hopes to spark curiosity and passion for expressive movement.



Visit this link now to view "Behind Black Jackets", the documentary looking behind the scenes of our performances of Ghost in the Black Jacket created by Justin William Phillips of Reel Moments Media.

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