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Please consider donating to help ATLAS continue to grow and make more work to share with our audiences. As we are currently are in the process of achieving our non-profit status, donations are not yet tax-deductible, but will be soon. Contributions from patrons like you are vital to the production of the art that we seek to share. Your donated and generous support may impact different projects by:

Aiding Performer Compensation
Compensating Additional Collaborators- Musicians, Designers, Technical Crew
Venue Rental
Costume Production
Theatrical and Scenic Design Elements


  • FRIEND ($50- $150) Recognition on Performance Programs

  • ARTIST ($200- $450) Recognition on Website and Invitation to Open Rehearsal

  • COLLABORATOR ($500- $950) Meet and Greet with Dancers and Artistic Director

  • INNOVATOR ($1000+)  Benefits Customized to Patron Interests

Support Our Mission

Thank you for your donation!

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